Discover the secrets that transformed a computer geek into a ladies man capable of attracting and seducing beautiful women.

  Sebastian Desanti here. First I want to say that I had it up to my neck with all these “seduction gurus” the ones that make a healthy living teaching man how to seduce women. Let’s be blunt here: some of these kids look like models, they attend Ivy schools, and have buddies that own night clubs. I’m not hating, but honestly, how hard is it to get laid when you have all these things going for you?  And how is it supposed to be for a shit out of luck computer geek to attract beautiful women? By emanating these gurus? Give me a break. All that I learned in seduction was through trial and error and me falling on my ass a few times. It all begin when…  I had it. I was sick and tired of failing with women and not being able to attract the right ones… heck, even any of them. My game was so bad that it would make screech look like a ladies man. So I began analyzing my drawbacks and soon discovered that there were a few… okay, there were a lot of them. And unfortunately some of these drawbacks could not be changed any time soon… or in this life time – such as having a vertically challenge stature ( fancy way of saying I’m not the tall dude that ladies clamor for).  Yet I discover a way to turn the tables around. The deeper I went into finding what works, analyzing my results and tweaking things, and backwards engineering my successes, the more I realize that I was tapping into a new way of doing things – one that was not taught by most “seduction gurus” who promised to develop a guy into the next Don Juan for a hefty price tag.

I was discovering a system I dubbed: Automatic Seduction

I went from being single, and a loner, to finally attracting and connecting with beautiful women. It all begin with one girl, and once I was able to “connect” with her, it was like the heavens parted and a whole new world opened before my eyes. It went from one girl, to a second one, then a third, and it just got easier and easier. I got the ball rolling sorta speak. And this is how I came about developing my system and implementing it into my new lifestyle. It was hard in the beginning but I learned to make the process easier and fully automatic… it became like clockwork.




So what is Automatic Seduction?

Once I finally got a good taste of success I began turning my seduction game into an automatic process, simply rinsing and repeating. A process that I because almost obsessed with over simplifying, to the point that I could yield great results under any circumstances. I no longer got sudden amnesia when a gorgeous girl popped out of nowhere, you know, the kind of amnesia where you can’t even remember your own address. Now with Automatic Seduction I can talk to any girl, even with my eyes closed, in the street or even in a crowded room filled with haters. It no longer matters where I encounter a gorgeous woman, Automatic Seduction dissolves away any constraints, and turning those blocks into advantages. Overall it makes the seduction game into a fun social interaction where I have the upper hand. I can go on and on here, but if you are ready to discover what’s at the heart of Automatic Seduction – simply write in your email and I’ll instantly send you my free eBook where I break everything down. I’ll also send you my newsletter where I don’t hold anything back in the area of seduction and attraction skills. I’m giving away this guide for free because I am certain that it will bring great success to many others out there, just like it did for me. All that I ask in return is that when you have great success with women that you shoot me an email and share a few details with me. And no, I won’t mind if you include a few pics of your achievements. I won’t be giving out this guide for too long because I don’t want it to become overly saturated. So sign up while the going is good. In 2013 it’s time to win.