Ten essential seduction secrets

  I’m quite thrilled to have a new seduction guide out. Not necessarily because I’m looking to get a few bucks out of others (literally) but because this guide is perhaps the ONE guide that I always have at hand and spend my time ...Read More

Pick up Artist on a Budget

In the game of attraction, overly spending money is a sure way to building more attraction blocks around you. Make sure (for the love of god) that on your first date you keep it simple. Nothing extravagant or even close to costly. Seriously, we’ve ...Read More

The follies of dating advice

  Debunking some of the Dating and attraction advice that is being perpetuated by others out there via the net, books, and other media I will be adding to the list in the days to come, so make sure you come back and check ...Read More

Why is body language so important?

  Body language is important in the game of seduction and attraction because people can read a lot about a person by the way of body movement and expression. If a person is relaxed, nervous, apprehensive… it can all be read by body movement, ...Read More